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  • We strive for sustainable relationships with our contacts, especially with clients, tax authorities and business partners.
  • We are proud to deliver high-quality services based on our rich experience.
  • We understand transparency as a matter of course.
  • Mutual confidence is decisive for common success.
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Thomas Jaussi, Vollblut Steuer-Jurist

T. Jaussi

Bernhard Wespi, Steuerprofi mit Herzblut



Andreas Nachbur, Steuerprofi mit Herzblut

A. Nachbur


B. Wespi

starting January 1th, 2019


  • “JP” – we are focussed on legal entities (Juristische Personen).
  • We are specialized in all aspects of the Swiss tax law for enterprises.
  • We advise SMEs, groups and group companies as well as their permanent establishments in respect of all Swiss tax aspects including VAT issues.
  • Our services include permanent and transaction related tax consulting, tax planning and tax optimization, tax risk management and all aspects of tax administration.
  • Of course we provide also tax advice to individuals either in respect with a legal entity owned or in respect of their personal tax situation.